Accountants frequently have the onerous task of discovering their client’s true financial position.

We create the Guide, to give advisors the ability to discern from the hype and to structure and respond appropriately, with an informed perspective on how best to serve your clients.

We offer our Guides to Insolvency to help assist and inform in any role that you may find yourself in, when advising on, or contemplating an insolvency administration. Our initial advice is always available on a complimentary and confidential basis, and with respect and openness as the cornerstone of all that we do.

  • Bankruptcy
  • Getting out of bankruptcy
  • Section 73 proposals
  • Part X Personal Insolvency Agreements
  • Divisible property in bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy and the home
  • Income contributions in bankruptcy
  • Void transactions in bankruptcy
  • Preferences in bankruptcy
  • Voiding superannuation contributions
  • Doctrine of exoneration
  • Capital Gains Tax and insolvency
  • Goods and Services Tax and insolvency
  • Proofs of debt and securities
  • Dividends
  • Objections to discharge
  • Discharge and annulment
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