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Our challenge is and will always be—people don’t want to buy what we sell! And so, most will delay speaking with an insolvency practitioner until it’s too late to salvage a business or person’s finances.

However, through our complimentary advisor education and local offices, we can be a positive force in the financial world of your clients.

Let us explain…

While usually associated with the downfall of businesses as the ‘corporate undertaker’, we believe a better way to frame what we do is by being an ‘educator’. Our experience is garnered across all industries and personal situations that ultimately gives accountant advisors the gift of our insight.

IPA members can use one or more from our range of educational resources below to help reframe Worrells’ service as being the educators, not the undertakers, through our:

  • Guide to Personal Insolvency
  • Guide to Corporate Insolvency
  • Insolvency Report
  • ‘On The Pulse’ email newsletter
  • Seminar events
  • Workshops
  • CBD Day Conferences

Beyond these resources and events, to show you how we can help, we can meet with you to:

  1. Discuss client situations with you, together with your client, or direct with your client.
  2. Discuss how to future-proof and add value to your client relationships.
  3. Share our knowledge to help alleviate any mental and emotional stress generated from stigma or misconceptions.