Frankston Breakfast Seminar - August 2022

LOCATION Frankston
DATE August 18th, 2022

Looking through the lens: a dissection of some notable case files across 2021-2022

In this seminar series we will delve into a few of the recent case files Worrells has overseen.  We will have a look at Worrells experiences—both the triumphs and tribulations—of the new insolvency regime enacted to help save struggling small businesses (aka the SBR regime).  We will also look behind the scenes and give context to a few judicial decisions handed down in our bankruptcy files.

Join us for what will be a journey through some of our more interesting and entertaining case files—and as always, it will be a session filled with important take home lessons for client advisors.


Attendees will receive a 1 hour CPD certificate.


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