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Sowing the Seeds to Recovery - DOCA's to the Rescue

Fraser's Kings park
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Sowing the Seeds to Recovery – DOCA’s to the Rescue

As the financial impact of Covid 19 manifests in a large build-up of debt on Company Balance sheets (notably with the ATO), the clock is ticking as we approach 30 September. After this time, it is forecast that much of the government relief that has allowed cash strapped companies to continue to trade will end. As many commentators have said –”by then, the can will have been kicked as far as it will go”. For the many businesses at risk of collapse, now is the time for action.

To assist Advisors in navigating through the complexity of insolvency and restructuring options, our presenter Mervyn Kitay will review and discuss numerous “real life” DOCA’s (Deed of Company Arrangements) that have successfully been used to restore solvency and retain shareholder value.


Mervyn Kitay

Mervyn is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years experience in dealing with Corporate Insolvency, Restructuring and Turnaround engagements across a broad range of industries. Mervyn has also undertaken a large number of Investigating Accountants Reports on behalf of secured lenders. Mervyn heads up Worrells in Perth, Western Australia. In his role, Mervyn accepts the appointment as Liquidator, Voluntary Administrator or Receiver and Manager as the case may be in circumstances where it has not been possible to restructure or turnaround the distressed entity.