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Working the balance sheet: Give me my money, please!

So here we have it, several months have passed in this COVID-19 environment and money is becoming harder to come by. It raises the question: How well do you really know your balance sheet? How can you extract any cash out of the items that sit within it and how accurate are they in value? This brings us to the next Worrells presentation topic, which is somewhat eloquently titled Working the balance sheet:“Give me my money, please!”.

The presentation gives a comprehensive review of probably one of the most important, yet most misunderstood parts of a business’s balance sheet: its debtors. Join us to get the information you need to help support your clients’ business, which includes:

1. Assessing debtors and what we see in insolvent companies.
2. Issues with debt collection through the COVID-19 period and beyond.
3. Red flags in the debtor’s ledger and how to identify them.
4. The debt collection process, negotiating tips and insights into ways to collect your money.
5. How to wind up a debtor company or bankrupt an individual (if required).
6. Accountants and lawyers: What can you do to position yourself to get paid.


Paul Nogueira

Paul joined Worrells in 1999 after completing his degree with the Queensland University of Technology. He was appointed a Partner in 2006 and opened the Worrells Sunshine Coast office in 2007. Paul is experienced in all forms of Corporate and Personal insolvency administrations over various industries and specializes in small to medium business turnaround management and solvency solutions. Paul adheres to the firm’s “Plain Talk, Straight Answers, Fast Results” approach and is available to provide no obligation advice to any party that may find themselves faced with solvency problems.