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We know that dealing with personal or business insolvency can be a very stressful time and the pressure is increased when it becomes difficult to obtain reliable and clear information. We use plain talk, we give straight answers and we get fast results. Communicating directly with partners and staff regarding particular files or obtaining general information and advice has never been easier.

With 22 partners and over 100 staff in 15 locations across QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and SA our initial consultations are complimentary and confidential.

Worrells have now been providing high quality insolvency and related services for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on offering reliable and practical solutions to those burdened with debt. Our large investment in state of the art proprietary software streamlines all functions leading to savings which are passed on by way of competitive pricing.

Operating locally and resourced nationally we provide the ideal mix of prompt personal attention from local partners, backed up by national research and support services.

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We are experts in all aspects of corporate and personal insolvency and accept appointments to all forms of unsecured and secured administrations. As well our forensic partners can assist with valuations, investigations and dispute resolution. Stay connected with Worrells with our breakfast seminar series, monthly Plain Talk e-Update newsletter, annual Guides to Insolvency.

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