CPD Tax Series

11 hours of free CPD for accountants in Australia.

Worrells & Webb Martin Consulting have partnered to deliver a complimentary tax focused CPD Webinar Program for accountants across Australia.

The sessions will be held on the third Thursday of each month. Each session provides one hour of verified CPD.

Starting February 15, 2024.

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The sessions

01June 20 | Division 7A refresher
02July 18 | What structure should you use?
03August 15 | Restructuring (including CGT rollovers)
04September 19 | SBCGT concessions - practical issues
05October 17 | Payroll and employment taxes and super - state of play
06November 21 | Expanding overseas?
07December 19 | Year in review - 2024 through a tax lens. Or, Merry TAXmas!

01 Division 7A refresher

12-1PM AEST Thursday June 20th, 2024.

Division 7A might have been around for over 20 years but it continues to find new ways of being complicated. This session will cover some practical issues just in time for 30 June, including what advisors need to advise their clients, making minimum yearly repayments using set-off arrangements, and the Commissioner’s discretion under section 109RB including corrective action requirements

02 What structure should you use?

12-1PM AEST Thursday July 18th, 2024.

There's a lot to consider when starting a business. One crucial aspect is to take the time to consider which structure to adopt, and the tax implications while the business is operating as well as the potential implications on exit. In this session we consider different structures and their advantages and disadvantages.

03 Restructuring (including CGT rollovers)

12-1PM AEST Thursday 15th, August, 2024.

What happens if you have set up, or inherited, a structure which is no longer fit for purpose? Tax implications when restructuring may be costly. In this session we will consider the issues arising when restructuring and mitigating the potential tax costs, particularly the use of CGT rollovers.

04 SBCGT concessions - practical issues

12-1PM AEST Thursday 19th September, 2024.

The small business CGT concessions are celebrating their 25th birthday this year. Crack open the bubbly, but don't drink it too fast - unfortunately, navigating these rules has not gotten any easier! In this session we will look at some of the practical issues to consider when applying these concessions.

05 Payroll and employment taxes and super - state of play

12-1PM AEST Thursday 17th October, 2024.

The stakes for employers getting employment related taxes right is at an all time high. In this session we will cover topical issues in this area, including payroll tax and grouping, employee vs contractor, superannuation and SGC, and other related issues.

06 Expanding overseas?

12-1PM AEST Thursday 21st November, 2024.

The Australian business is going well, and we're now looking to expand overseas. The Australian tax system is complicated enough, but adding another jurisdiction increases the complexity significantly. In this session we look at some of the tax issues to consider when expanding operations into another country.

07 Year in review - 2024 through a tax lens. Or, Merry TAXmas!

And it’s a wrap. With the year drawing to a close , our last session for 2024 will look back over the big topics, cases and announcements. We will also discuss what advisors should be thinking about heading into 2025.


Our expert speakers and facilitators

Your webinar hosts.

Image of Michael Doran of Webb Martin.

Michael Doran

Webb Martin Director

Michael Doran has over 30 years’ experience in tax consulting services. A practical and commercially astute tax adviser, Michael brings these qualities to all assignments. Clients benefit from his extensive and varied tax and business background. Michael enjoys the challenge of efficiently resolving tax issues, no matter the complexity or unique nature of the issue.

His clients include a wide range of corporate, government and related agencies, not-for-profit and public practice clients across an array of industry sectors. Michael consults primarily in relation to indirect (GST) and employment taxes (FBT, PRT). In addition, he provides specialist advice to NFPs regarding eligibility for ACNC, ATO and State Revenue charity and other concessions.

Image of Simon Calabria of Webb Martin

Simon Calabria

Webb Martin Director

Simon is a highly regarded tax adviser specialising in Indirect (GST, WET), Corporate and International Tax. He mainly deals with transaction based matters including the related structuring. Simon’s client base is diverse, from individuals to multinationals, and includes professionals, corporate, government, and NFP organisations. More recently he has also been assisting SME clients (and their accountants) that are expanding into overseas jurisdictions, particularly the US.

Simon brings a practical approach when solving tax technical issues. He is a CA, Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) and Registered Tax Agent (RTA) with over 30 years of tax experience.

Image of Graeme Prowse of Webb Martin

Graeme Prowse

Webb Martin Director

Graeme has extensive experience across all income tax issues. A CA for over three decades, he brings a strong focus to identifying the issues and risks and working towards the best possible commercial and tax outcomes. His expertise covers the structuring of purchases or sales of businesses, restructures, rollovers and mergers as well as superannuation compliance matters and income tax consolidation. Graeme also assists taxpayers dealing with the ATO in ruling requests, reviews, audits and objections as well as early engagement on broader policy issues.

Image of Kerry Hicks of Webb Martin

Kerry Hicks

Webb Martin Principal

Kerry is a qualified CA and Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) with over 20 years’ taxation experience in Big 4 and mid-tier firms.

Her tax knowledge spans a wide range of topics including Income Tax, CGT, International Tax and ATO disputes. Kerry has advised a wide range of clients, from SMEs to multinationals and also spent 10 years in a tax learning role.


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Each session provides one hour of verified CPD. There are 11 sessions affording 11 hours of CPD.

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