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Bankruptcy is a legal process that gives a financial fresh start. Thousands of Australians choose to go bankrupt each year by voluntarily filing a debtor’s petition. Many people are surprised when they get the facts around bankruptcy and realise that it's not as bad as most think it will be.


What is bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal process where a bankruptcy trustee is appointed to administer an insolvent person’s affairs to provide for a fair distribution of that person’s divisible assets to their creditors. Bankruptcy is a legitimate and just way for a debtor to resolve their debt problems, and it is one way for creditors to take action against someone for their unpaid debts.

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Service highlights

Don’t let bad debt pin you down.

We’ve got the care, tools and framework to help start the next chapter. Tough situations need a balance of genuine care matched with an expert understanding of the options available. We’ll listen to your story, then give you the straight talk on the best plan of attack for your unique situation.

Breathing space

Get the space needed while a bankruptcy trustee deals with creditors on your behalf.

Get certainty

Bankruptcy law exists to facilitate financial recovery.

Continue to earn

Some income contributions may be required but are indexed by the government to ensure a standard of living. How much income earned is not limited by bankruptcy.

Alternative pathways

If things change during the bankruptcy's course, there's options to end the bankruptcy early or swap to a repayment plan with creditor support.

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Get the Guide to Personal Insolvency

Our goal is to support people and their advisors so they can make informed decisions and get the information packaged in a way that minimises the mental overload and gives the information needed in plain talk.

  • Get the answers to the FAQs to personal insolvency solutions
  • Discover how assets are treated in bankruptcy
  • Understand how and when super is protected
  • Uncover how a bankruptcy ends

Karen & I really appreciate the empathy and dignity you [Worrells Gold Coast Team] demonstrated to us during this journey. We are looking forward to the next part of our life free from this stress and pain. Kind regards and all the best wishes to you and your team.

Former bankrupt

Bankruptcy for me was devastating, my family business for 20 years was destroyed by customers not paying their bills. Not my fault. Michael Griffin of Worrells provided me with the best advice and support at a time when I felt extremely vulnerable.

This support continued throughout the three-year bankruptcy period. If I needed information or had a concern, I just emailed Michael and he always responded within 24 hours with advice to put my mind at rest.

I cannot compliment Michael and his team enough and would absolutely recommend his services to anybody who finds themselves in similar difficult circumstances to my own.

George Jones
Former Director of Jones Staircases Pty Ltd


Some questions you might like answered

Many myths about bankruptcy are either completely untrue, or only apply in rare situations. These include myths such as: I won’t be able to travel overseas | My employer will be told of my bankruptcy | My family and friends will find out | I will never be able to borrow again | I can’t be in business or self-employed | I will lose my car | All my future income will go to paying off my debts.

Certain eligibility criteria include being insolvent (unable to pay your debts) and either be present in Australia or have the required connection with Australia. The next step is completing and submitting the relevant government forms accurately. We can assist you in answering your questions and complete all the required forms for you to check, sign, and then submit.

A “bankruptcy trustee” is appointed to deal with your creditors and manage your bankrupt estate. If you have any substantial assets/equity a bankruptcy trustee will assess whether to sell these assets for your creditors’ benefit.

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Jason Bettles

Principal, Gold Coast, Northern NSW

Jason Bettles

Principal, Gold Coast, Northern NSW

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Aaron Lucan

Principal, Western Sydney, Central West

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Principal, Canberra, Wollongong

Stephen Hundy

Principal, Canberra, Wollongong

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Matthew Kucianski

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