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Guide 2022/23
The essential Guides to Insolvency

Cognitive overload, the ostrich effect, optimism bias and overconfidence, and uncertainty avoidance are behaviours connected with financial stress. Cognitive overload is self-explanatory; however, it’s nuanced by context and extent of the information in front of people. This leads into the “ostrich effect” where people disengage from and dismiss things that are distressing to contemplate or accept. Financial pressures and challenges clearly falls into that category.

Our goal is to support people and their business advisors so they can make informed decisions and get the information packaged in a way that minimises cognitive overload.

We offer our Guides to Insolvency to help assist and inform in any role that you may find yourself in, when advising on, or contemplating an insolvency solution.

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Not intended to be read cover to cover. It’s here when you need to get the answers to your questions.

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Reflects any legislation or practical applications each year

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Features reflect current factors influencing financial matters

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The 2023 Worrells Insolvency Report
Finding the signal in the noise

COVID-19’s impact on the economy and our experience in our daily lives changed us as a community in ways still being realised. The environment of government and creditor support has abated, and that legacy debt is the new reality—and new normal—we now face.

The annual Worrells Insolvency Report has always aimed to show the extent and reach of insolvency and turnaround appointments across Australia. Given where we are in our respective worlds in 2023, this edition is about finding the signal in the noise.

Whatever the reason behind the signal and the information it conveys, the insolvency and turnaround teams at Worrells are here to be the support needed.

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Our deep experience applies locally and historically

Fresh, up to date

Reflects the latest financial year

New insights

Showing trends and factors influencing industry and people

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Download a PDF or request a printed copy, or both formats

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