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Business Turnaround & Restructuring

Small business restructuring

A lower-cost solution to restructure small business debt

COVID-19 and other major global events have created a tough economic environment for many small businesses. Not so long ago, the government made changes to allow directors to restructure debt simply with less expenses to weather the storm — all while staying in control of the business.


Directors need certainty

Directors who want to try to save their business may choose to restructure company debt while retaining control of business operations and creditor relationships.

We thought we’d seen everything since starting our business in 2008. COVID changed the game forever when work massively declined but equipment leases and other overhead costs remained. Then a perfect storm of factors pushed us to the point of insolvency and it looked like a company wind up would be the only option. The Small Business Restructuring process saved us, saved our employees’ jobs, and saved our business. We are extremely grateful for everyone’s contribution at Worrells and our accountant to structuring our restructuring plan and negotiating with our creditors. Great work team!


Service highlights

It's do-able to undo, with insolvency experts

Business can be tough. Before you throw in the towel, we help you consider what can be done to turn a business around, exploring restructuring options that can buy you valuable time to get back on your feet.

Space to breathe

There's two phases in the restructuring process. In the first phase, where the plan for creditors is being worked on, directors can get the space needed in the comfort of knowing that creditors are aware that a plan is underway.

Retain control

Directors retain control of business operations. A registered small business restructuring practitioner, is there to support and guide the restructuring process and handle the creditor processes.

Quick pathway to certainty

With creditor approval, the small business restructuring process takes 35 business days or less.

Shortened turnaround

Due to simplified design, small business restructuring takes less time than other formal insolvency processes.

Increased & easier access

Because of reduced costs and turnaround times, more small businesses can readily access this solution.

Reduced costs

Due to simplified design, small business restructuring is significantly less costly than a voluntary administration.


We're knowledge sharers

Knowledge sharing is our passion. Our team of experts are creating on-demand Small Business Restructuring content to guide you along the journey.



Small Business Restructuring guide

Get our Guide to Small Business Restructuring to get the overview of how the whole process works, which is also outlined in a 35 business day step-by-step flowchart.

COVID-impacted hospitality business

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Thriving, not just surviving

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the business owners ran a thriving café. The Victorian government-imposed restrictions throughout 2020 and 2021 materially impacted the business’s turnover and profitability. The business owners pivoted the business as best they could—they catered for take-away-only service, increased their reliance on food delivery platforms, and leveraged government support. However, sales reduced, cost of goods increased, and staff wage pressures strained the cash flow and meant the business was facing insolvency. 

The business owners were referred to our team, eager to find a way to save the business.


Established café

COVID-19 impacted | Main debt owed to the ATO


An agreed 75% reduction on debts

How we help

Difficult business or personal financial situations

We operate as specialists in a unique sector, dealing with bad debts and distressed businesses and personal finances. We have the tools and framework to lead all parties through choppy seas. Tough situations often mean honest conversations and we will never shy away from the straight talk that insolvency demands.

We're here to help

We speak with people and their advisors every day. We do this as complimentary and without expectation.

Jason Bettles

Principal, Gold Coast, Northern NSW

Jason Bettles

Principal, Gold Coast, Northern NSW

Aaron Lucan

Principal, Western Sydney, Central West

Aaron Lucan

Principal, Western Sydney, Central West

Stephen Hundy

Principal, Canberra, Wollongong

Stephen Hundy

Principal, Canberra, Wollongong

Matthew Kucianski

Principal, Melbourne, Ringwood

Matthew Kucianski

Principal, Melbourne, Ringwood

Mervyn Kitay

Principal, Perth

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