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Our purpose

A pathway out of difficult financial situations

We give businesses and individuals a path out of difficult financial situations.

We want to change the way insolvency is conducted, while impartially delivering our process that supports businesses and individuals who are struggling financially. We give them positive options, removing much of the shame, emotional and physical burden that comes with a struggling business or personal financial situation while simultaneously balancing the needs of the creditors who are also impacted, providing them with definite outcomes.

Local team, national support

Established 1973

24 principals

150+ employees

Our core

Do the right thing, always

Dealing with people and creditors who are under financial pressure and in a weakened state puts the responsibility on us to always act with integrity and fairness. It’s this integrity that builds our reputation as a brand that can be trusted but also provides a framework on how we pull together as a team.

Plain talk but always approachable

We strive to deliver our expertise with confidence, in simple, understandable ways allowing us to be more approachable. This absence of jargon helps us convey an assurance that we know our stuff in the context of our customers.

Walk in their shoes

We don’t just see debtor and creditor businesses/financial institutions, we see the humans behind them. We strive every day to imagine what it must be like for them going through a tough time, or doing a tough job, building empathy and understanding and importantly sharing any possible solutions to their particular problems.

Our Approach

Experts with empathy

Our people know how to turn a business around and straighten out a deteriorating personal financial situation, who understand insolvency at the deepest level and are always keen to find the right answers. But importantly, our people have the care factor for those affected by the insolvency situation. This encompasses creditors and their position; if we detect wrongdoing in the entity/debtor dealings, we'll do our best to help right those wrongs that both the insolvency framework and commerciality allows.

Right problems at the right time

Solving the right problems at the right time can be the difference between a business surviving or failing. Likewise, it can be the difference between debts being recoverable or written off. Our people can identify the right action plan for each unique situation, helping business and individuals to pivot out of difficult times where possible, or manage the insolvency circumstances effectively for debtors and creditors alike.

Leveraging proprietary tech

We invest in purpose-built, insolvency-tech to speed up delivery and open up good communications with creditors. We constantly look for new ways to apply tech in our business, helping us become more efficient and deliver better outcomes to all parties.

Local team, national support

Our strength is augmented through the resources of a national brand, enabling us to take on large matters with confidence. At the same time, we’re accessible both in the major cities and regional areas, providing local knowledge and local experience.


With Worrells, you are in safe hands

We are insolvency and turnaround teams, who help both companies and individuals to recover from difficult business or personal financial situations and assist the creditors attached to these matters. When this can’t be achieved, we help wind down operations or manage personal insolvency procedures, and recover secured debts with expert knowledge, delivered with thought and care.

We are made up of registered liquidators and registered bankruptcy trustees. Notably, we have more registered bankruptcy trustees than any other private practice/brand in Australia. Complementing our insolvency brand is principals with certified fraud examiner and forensic accountant qualifications.

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In tough moments, watch your mind

Facing financial distress is a crushing experience that creates hardship on a personal level. It’s not easy.

Being an advisor who feels they have the burden of discovering and then demonstrating the level of financial distress to their client is also very difficult. Having insolvency practitioners that are qualified to assist helps. Our vast experience helps to assure clients by sharing how we’ve helped many other people in similar circumstances to theirs. It costs nothing to you or your client to get our initial advice. Sometimes that conversation is enough shift perspectives and create support both professionally and personally.

Be aware and proactive about your client’s mental health, so they can get out the other side of these challenges. Offer help if they need it. Remind your clients they can chat to their doctor or reach out to Beyond Blue or Lifeline if they need help.


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