Mildura Breakfast Seminar

LOCATION Mercure Hotel: 120 Eighth Street, Mildura
DATE August 8th, 2024

Reviving Through Restructuring: Options for Insolvent Businesses

In this session, we will explore how restructuring laws can be used to save struggling businesses.

Few business owners want to shut down a venture they have poured their heart into, even when facing financial distress. By its nature, “restructuring” is a give-and-take process where those owed money are asked to compromise their debts for what ideally is a greater net benefit to themselves and others. 

We will discuss common restructuring strategies such as the Small Business Restructuring Process, Voluntary Administration, Liquidation, and phoenixing, focusing on real-world applications. We will also examine when certain processes are more effective than others and discuss the risks and pitfalls of restructuring in general. Given the recent rise in insolvency activity and challenges in the economy, this session will provide valuable insights into what is and is not possible when it comes to guiding a struggling business toward a new beginning.

This seminar provides complimentary breakfast or lunch, and 1-hour of CPD with a certificate emailed post event.


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