Insolvency Report

Our aim for The Worrells Insolvency Report: 2016-2017 is to build a snapshot of the Australian insolvency market, its emerging trends, the drivers that actively influence the marketplace  and the effects on the people within it.

The report highlights the two overarching sectors of Corporate and Personal Insolvency, and the synergies that are prevalent in each sector. It looks at the profiles and demographics of those subject to—voluntarily or involuntarily—a  formal insolvency administration in the 2015-16 financial year. It considers the impact on creditors (unsecured and secured), in a  corporate capacity, and as an employee of a corporate entity.

The Worrells partners collaborated on the analysis of the pertinent Government bodies’ data and drew apt correlations, with insights  on the relationships between data sets to give the business community a distilled tool that reduces the noise and puts stigma into  perspective.

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