Privacy Policy


The Worrells Privacy Policy sets out the firm’s policies and procedures in dealing with the requirements of the Australian Government Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, which amends the Privacy Act 1988. The latest version of these Acts can be accessed via


  1. The kinds of personal information that is collected and held;
  2. How Worrells collect and hold that personal information;
  3. The purposes for which Worrells collect, hold, use and disclose personal information;
  4. How an individual may access personal information held about them, and how they can seek a correction of that information;
  5. How an individual may complain about any breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, or a registered APP code which applies to Worrells, and how Worrells deals with such a complaint;
  6. Whether the information held is likely to be disclosed to overseas recipients, and if so who.


As liquidators and trustees, the partners of Worrells are also subject to the provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 and the Bankruptcy Act 1966 with respect to the collection, storage and disclosure of personal information, as well as the requirements of various professional associations.


What information do Worrells Collect?

As a result of Worrells dealings with referrers, certain information is collected about those referrers. This information includes professional information (such as the referrers professional contact details) as well as some personal information (such as private contact details / interests).

Why do we collect your information?

This information is collected for two primary reasons:-

  • So that Worrells are able to more effectively and efficiently communicate with its referrers with respect to files conducted by Worrells which the referrer has an interest; and<
  • For marketing purposes.

How is the information kept?

All information about Worrells referrers is stored in a dedicated program developed by Worrells, the Worrells Contacts System.

What are the marketing purposes?

These purposes include the communication of promotional material from time to time; the issuance of a monthly e-Update to subscribers; issuing of invitations to events conducted by Worrells.

Is this information available to employees of the firm?

Yes. One of the primary uses of Worrells Contacts is to maintain information on how to communicate with people on files controlled by the firm. That information must be available to the employees who need to make that communication.

Is the information available to people outside the firm?

No. Worrells do not sell, distribute or make available any of this information to anyone outside this firm in any form, or provide details in the form of statistics or summaries about that information.

How do I find out what information Worrells keep on you?

Contact one of the Worrells partners and they will forward a printout of your Contacts file. This will contain all of the information that Worrells maintain on you.


What kind of personal information is collected and held?

The personal information which is collected and held is that which is required to enable Worrells to comply with its obligations under both the Corporations Act and the Bankruptcy Act, as well as various professional associations.

How do Worrells collect personal information?

Personal information is collected from various sources made available to Worrells, including information provided directly from the individual concerned, as well as publically available information obtained through searches conducted of various databases.

The purpose for which Worrells collect, hold and disclose personal information?

Worrells only collects, holds and discloses personal information so as to comply with their requirements under both the Corporations Act, the Bankruptcy Act, and the various requirements of professional associations in fulfilling their duties as Appointee in whatever capacity is applicable.

What if you do not want to provide the information we request?

Worrells only ask for information that is necessary for Worrells to properly conduct the administration of a file under their control in order to fulfil their statutory and professional obligations.

Under both the Corporations Act and the Bankruptcy Act, Worrells can compel production of certain information from certain people. It may be an offence not to provide Worrells with requested information and Worrells may be forced to obtain that information by using other provisions of the Acts, including public examination.

What if you subscribe for Worrells File Information updates?

Subscription information is kept on a separate database housed within the Worrells website. That information is only available upon entry of a correct Worrells password specific to the individual file, which password is provided only to those who have an interest in that particular file. That information will not be disclosed to any party outside Worrells, and will only be available to the firm’s web administration staff and the partners of the firm.

Will Worrells disclose your personal information to anyone?

At times it is necessary for Worrells to disclose personal information to other parties. In certain instances Worrells may be compelled to do so by law or Order of the Court. Such other parties may include:

  1. Experts Worrells employ;
  2. Solicitors who are advising Worrells;
  3. Solicitors representing other parties;
  4. If the matter requires litigation, then: – a. Mediators and Arbitrators who may be involved in your matter; b. Courts, tribunals, commissions and their officers;
  5. Government departments such as ASIC or AFSA.
  6. Creditors through details that we must by law include in reports to creditors.

Worrells will only disclose your information as and when it is necessary, and only the information that Worrells are required to disclose for that purpose.

Worrells may be required to issue reports about a matter to ASIC, AFSA and creditors. If that is required, Worrells also publish the report on the password protected page on this website, but these are only accessible by parties that are entitled to receive those reports in paper form.

How do you request access/correct personal information held by Worrells?

You can request access to the personal information Worrells holds about you by speaking to the person responsible for your file. The contact detail of the relevant person will be on the material already sent to you. In some limited circumstances Worrells do not have to provide you with the information you request. These situations are rare and Worrells will explain why if that occurs.

If there is any information you believe to be inaccurate or incomplete then Worrells requests you put that information in writing and communicate that to Worrells so that the information held may be updated.

How an individual may complain about any breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, or a registered APP code which applies to Worrells, and how we deal with such a complaint?

If you believe that Worrells has in any way breached the Australian Privacy Principles, or a registered APP code which applies to Worrells, then you should immediately contact the Worrells office handling your file and speak with the responsible partner on the file. The responsible Worrells partner will then assess your complaint and advise you of any rectification to be performed of the personal information held by Worrells, or if no rectification is required then why.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Overseas Recipients?

Creditors, shareholders and stakeholders may be located overseas in any country, and as such may access the Worrells website for file information / receive reports from Worrells on your file.