Quality assurance

We are very serious about the quality of the work performed at Worrells.

So serious that we have invested in ‘Workbench’ our proprietary technology which is specifically designed to manage insolvency files. Workbench ensures that all work carried out by in all Worrells offices meets or exceeds the highest industry standards.

Naturally, this is an ongoing process. To believe otherwise would be naïve and lead to complacency.

There are several fundamental operating elements adopted by the firm that have been specifically designed or directed at quality control. These include:

  1. using the latest electronic document storage and retrieval systems and our in-house insolvency management program Workbench, allowing staff to process standard mechanical work quickly and efficiently and have instant access to all information and documents on any file;

  1. adopting a team approach that ensures that people working on files have adequate supervision; and

  2. committing to a policy of transparency in all we do, by making the maximum use of web based information and reporting.

Our goal is to produce a quality product, in a timely manner, on every occasion.

Speed is not the prime driver, quality is. But time is a critical factor in the insolvency industry and speed must be built into the whole process. Clients want accurate information, but they want it quickly and they want it at a reasonable cost. Meeting these requirements is at the heart of our system development.


Our focus is entirely on insolvency and all of our efforts are aimed at providing that service in the best possible way. We are not a diversified accounting practice performing general accounting functions for clients. We want to focus on being the best at what we do, not average at everything.

Computerised systems

We believe that utilising computer systems along with our experience is the best way of obtaining a quality product in a timely manner.

Controls built into our systems apply equally to the smallest bankruptcy or the largest receivership. They apply whether the concentration is on ongoing trading, asset realisation or investigation, or all three at once.

Most importantly, our computer systems allow our staff to concentrate on the issues that will provide the greatest return to the client, rather than simply performing clerical processes. Our computer systems are designed to perform very basic functions quickly and with the least possibility of human error.

The time and money that is saved on routine processes can then be used to conduct extensive analysis, enforce recoveries and increase dividends. We do not believe in spending time and money processing clerical tasks when it can be used conducting investigations.

We are so committed to maintaining and improving our quality controls that we have a team of in-house programmers dedicated to that purpose.

Lean six sigma processes

While we do not practice a “Lean Six Sigma” regime like some international companies, we are keeping this regime firmly in mind as we pursue our quality and process control initiatives. These initiatives are based on perfecting every process on a step by step basis, and formalising and standardising that process so that it is correct every time.

We are already light years ahead of some of our more complacent competitors and we mean to remain so.

In summary

  1. Our commitment to producing a quality product is absolute.

  2. We focus only on insolvency to be the leaders in our field.

  3. We develop the very best computer based processes.

  4. We free up our staff to deal with the real issues, rather than clerical work.

  5. These processes apply to all insolvency job types.

  6. Our clients benefit because they get quality work promptly and at competitive costs.


If you have any quality assurance issues, please contact Michael Griffin.

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