24 May 2016

The question still asked: Do Worrells do bankruptcy?


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19 registered bankruptcy trustees and counting...

Without doubt, personal insolvency is a complicated and specialised area of practice. Everyone has a theory; everyone has a suggestion. Everyone knows someone who has gone bankrupt and knows the 'tricks of the trade'.

However, at the end of the day, there are no 'tricks of the trade'. Personal insolvency—particularly bankruptcy—is a specialised field of practice that is highly regulated and has been subject to a Bankruptcy Act in one form or another for hundreds of years.

It's important that debtors and their advisors get the right advice from the outset, from experts in the field, and from people they can trust. Those experts are registered trustees. Their advice, conduct and standards of professionalism are constantly under review and scrutiny via the industry body ARITA (Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association), the Bankruptcy Act, and AFSA (Australian Financial Security Authority) as regulator. The last thing anyone wants, be it creditors, debtors and their families, or their advisors, is bad advice that has the very real risk of not providing the relief needed to a debtor with excessive debt, and actually makes the problem worse for themselves and others.

Worrells has 19 registered trustees nationally. They are real people you and your clients can meet and talk to, and not just a link at the other end of a website. All Worrells registered trustees are specialists in personal insolvency, particularly in bankruptcy, and provide advice on the real alternatives and solutions available. Don't get stuck with bad advice. Get the right advice to help you and your client make informed decisions.

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