Assistance available to businesses experiencing financial difficulties as a result of Coronavirus

SYDNEY: With numerous companies already affected by the disruption to their normal operations, Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants are urging businesses experiencing financial challenges to seek professional assistance early.

Following Worrells’ appointment to popular Chinese restaurants Mister Dee’s Kitchen and Parramatta Phoenix yesterday, Alex Siu, Senior Manager of Worrells Sydney said “A lot of businesses are struggling in the wake of the coronavirus. We have noticed an increase in enquiries from business owners who have seen a decrease in patronage since the outbreak or whose supply chains have been disrupted.”

“If this trend continues, it is likely that more businesses in Australia will be affected and not just in the hospitality sector. These impacts will also be felt in tourism as well as manufacturing and retail businesses with supply chains reliant on China or Chinese businesses. ”

“As in all matters, early intervention is the best course of action. Timely professional advice provides business owners with access to a broader range of solutions which can assist business owners and directors in ensuring the survival of their business during challenging times.”

If supply shortages, loss of trade or other challenges are affecting your financial position, or that of your clients, please call Alex Siu (Senior Manager at Worrells) for professional advice on 0433 224 833 or 02 9249 1200.

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