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02 Feb 2020

Key industry insolvency trends: 2013-19


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Do the statistics surprise you?

Late last year, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) released its corporate insolvency statistics for 2018-19 financial year. Looking towards the 2020 year prompted us to consider what trends have formed over the years.

ASIC reports on 25 industry categories, which are:

Accommodation & food services Health care & social assistance
Administrative & support services Information media & tele-communications
Agriculture, forestry & fishing Manufacturing
Arts & recreation services Mining
Construction Other (business & personal) services
Education & training Professional, scientific & technical services
Electricity, gas, water & waste services Public administration & safety
FIS–Credit provider Rental, hiring & real estate services
FIS–Deposit taking institutions Retail trade
FIS–Insurance Transport, postal & warehousing
FIS–Managed investments Wholesale trade
FIS–Other financial services Unknown

Following the above, we reviewed ASIC’s data (which date back to 2013) and selected the following key industries to share a preview of our findings:

  1. Construction

  2. Retail

  3. Transport

  4. Accommodation & food services

  5. Mining

  6. Agriculture

  7. Wholesale

  8. Manufacturing

  9. FIS (Credit provider, deposit-taking institutions, insurance, managed investments, other financial services, superannuation)

Here are the trends and profile by state/territory that have formed so far from our analysis. Look out for our upcoming The Worrells Insolvency Report: 2020, which will delve into the data and make some conclusions.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear what your views are. Do any of these trends surprise you?

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ConstructionRetail trendTransport trendAccomm and Food trendMining trendAgricultureWholesale trendManufacturingFIS


Statistics source: © Australian Securities & Investments Commission. Reproduced with permission.

Note: These statistics record the number of companies entering into a form of external administration for the first time each month by industry – from July 2013. A company will be included only once in these statistics, regardless of whether it subsequently enters into another form of external administration. The only exception occurs where a company is taken out of external administration (e.g. as the result of a court order), and at a later date re-enters external administration.

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