10 Jul 2017

New Partner Appointments: New Energy and Value in the Worrells Family


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Worrells announce the appointment of three new partners in the Worrells Group, effective 1 July 2017.

As a close-knit partnership of insolvency practitioners, Worrells’ 44-year history has been built on the premise of innovation. Globally, innovation in business has largely hinged off advancements in technology, particularly in recent years. Developing proprietary technology is a constituent of the unique Worrells offering, however, its partnership recognises that people drive how technology is used and therefore people are at the centre of innovation.

Ivor Worrell, Group Chairman, told delegates at its Thrive & Survive CBD Conferences this year: “Our belief is that the longevity of the firm relies on the dynamics of its partners and therefore its ‘gene pool’ must bring in new energy to enable new ideas, new connections, and new value to our clients and referrer colleagues.”

Mr Worrell went on to share that the partners’ age is actually measured and projected to ensure the partnership’s ‘livelihood’.

Nikhil Khatri, Matthew Kucianski, and Dane Hammond are the newest partners to nourish the Worrells Group.

Their appointments add more local knowledge and recognised skill to bolster a firm that is resourced nationally, focused locally. Mr Khatri becomes a partner in Worrells Brisbane and Mr Hammond becomes a partner in Worrells Maroochydore (part of eight offices in Queensland). Mr Kucianski becomes a partner in Worrells Melbourne, which is one of seven offices in Victoria.

Speaking on their appointments, Mr Khatri said “As a Manager in Worrells Brisbane for the last eight years, my appointment to Partner is testament to our culture being founded on organic growth and promotion from within.” Mr Hammond, previously a Manager on the Sunshine Coast, said “Delivering solutions to insolvency challenges on the coast for many years gives me a solid grounding to offer a new perspective and drive to the Worrells Group. Mr Kucianski is equally energised by his appointment, adding “This industry and its market needs are changing all the time, I’m eager to contribute to the firm’s focus on innovation.”

Worrells has 26 Partners across Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, SA, and WA who are registered insolvency practitioners. In fact, Worrells has more bankruptcy trustees than any other private firm in Australia. Its partners meet with advisors and business owners/individuals every day, as complimentary, to give unbiased advice and solutions to corporate and personal insolvency matters.


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