15 Jan 2018

Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper Pty Ltd Enters Voluntary Administration


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On 11 January 2018, the directors of the Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper Pty Ltd appointed Lee Crosthwaite and Chris Cook of Worrells Solvency & Forensic Accountants as voluntary administrators.

Gidget Campers operated a factory in northern Brisbane since 2014 building a range of ‘to order’ on- and off-road campers. The iconic retro design sparked interest in Australia and internationally, including many customer orders and shipments to the United States.

Worrells advises manufacturing of the campers has ceased trading prior to their appointment.

Customers who have placed orders and made deposits on a camper, who have not yet received those goods, have been advised about the appointment of administrators via email. Customers who, prior to the appointment of administrators, were provided a delivery date for their order have been advised that any date provided is no longer valid.

Mr Crosthwaite said, “This is an emotional and difficult time for all affected. At this early stage of the administration, we are reviewing and assessing the company’s financial position and will be exploring viable options. We understand that customers will be anxious to know what will happen with their deposit and/or order and we will ensure that all customers are given regular updates as the administration continues.”

Worrells advises that for any enquiries, its teams can be contacted directly about this administration via gidget@worrells.net.au. Interested parties in purchasing the company’s assets or business can also make enquiries through the dedicated email address for Gidget Campers.

In the voluntary administration process, a first meeting of creditors is held within eight business days of the appointment, and a second meeting of creditors is usually held within 20 to 30 business days after the appointment. It is at the second meeting that creditors will determine the Gidget Campers’ future.

For information about consumer protection in situations of a company becoming formally insolvent, the ACCC provides the following factsheet: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-protection/when-a-business-goes-bust

Worrells appreciates the impact the appointment has on the employees/contractors and trade creditors. Worrells will continue to proactively communicate with all affected stakeholders. The objectives of the voluntary administration regime will assist to bring about the best possible outcome for the Gidget Campers and its creditors.

Worrells has 25 offices nationally and 24 partners, across Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, SA, and WA. Worrells has been providing solvency management, insolvency administration, and forensic investigation services for 45 years.


Lee Crosthwaite
Partner, Worrells Brisbane

Chris Cook
Partner, Worrells Brisbane

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