14 Feb 2019

Remapak Administration—Extension of Convening Period


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Yesterday the Federal Court of Australia made Orders extending the convening period for the second meeting of the creditors of the companies pursuant to section 439A of the Corporations Act to 14 May 2019. The second meeting of creditors may now be held at any time during or within five business days after 14 May 2019.

The Administrators today issued a notice to the creditors of Remapak Pty Ltd, Rema Forwarding Pty Ltd and Rema Plastic Pty Ltd, informing them of the extension of the convening period.

The Administrators are continuing the trade the Remapak business while negotiating with a number of parties interested in the purchase of the business as a going concern.

Worrells Partner, Aaron Lucan stated:

“The extension of the convening period gives us more flexibility to continue to trade the business while we negotiate with interested parties for a potential sale of the business as a going concern.”

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Aaron Lucan
Partner, Worrells Western Sydney

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