Worrells submission: Improving bankruptcy and insolvency laws

Worrells Submission: Improving Bankruptcy and Insolvency Laws

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Proposals Paper Released 29 April 2016: Improving Bankruptcy and Insolvency Laws

Worrells Solvency + Forensic Accountants is a specialist insolvency firm established in 1973. We have 21 offices across Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and South Australia. We are a 24 partner firm and among our partners and consultants, there are 24 registered and official liquidators and 19 registered trustees. The business remains Australian owned and operated and is one of the country’s largest insolvency firms.

On behalf of Worrells, I am pleased to submit our submission in response to the Improving Bankruptcy and Insolvency Laws discussion paper. We support reform and modernisation of insolvency laws and our detailed submissions regarding the proposals set forward by the Government can be found herein.

Worrells would also like to acknowledge that there were a number of other recommendations relating to insolvency law reform by the Productivity Commission in its Inquiry Report on Business Set-Up Transfer and Closure. These include, but are not limited to streamlined SME liquidations and pre-positioning sales. Worrells would welcome further discussion on all the productivity commission recommendations as part of the continued consultation about insolvency law reform.


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Aaron Lucan

Aaron joined Worrells Sydney in January 2006 and became a partner of the firm in July 2013. Aaron has close to 20 years experience in all forms of corporate and personal insolvency administrations. In addition to servicing clients and referrers in Sydney and surrounding areas, Aaron manages Worrells’ Central West NSW practice.

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