Sydney Office

Our Sydney office is situated in the very heart of the CBD, just minutes away from the Wynyard station and various buses. Easy access to cafes and shops located 2min away from us at Martin's Place.



Suite 2, Level 13 68 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000

GPO Box 4956 Sydney NSW 2001

P 02 9249 1200

F 02 8844 1211

Sydney Team

Christopher Darin

Principal, Central Coast, Sydney

Christopher Darin

Principal, Central Coast, Sydney

Joanne Keating Principal Worrells

Joanne Keating

Principal, Sydney

Vincent Wang Manager Worrells

Vincent Wang

Senior Manager, Sydney

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How we help

The sooner you seek options, the more you’ll have

Facing up to a challenge is often the hardest part, but better things can only come from taking the first step on the path to the other side. We’re ready with open minds to listen to your story, and take the necessary steps to relieve much of the physical and emotional burden you’re carrying

Who we help

We help both companies, individuals, and professional advisors

We help people and businesses in all industries and structures. Through professional advisor networks and relationships we help those on “the front line” (who are often charged with uncovering a difficult financial situation) to see how Worrells can help to change the course.

Business can be tough

Our team is focused and ready to help

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