Asset Protection ebook download


Many directors are completely oblivious of their obligations and duties, thinking only of what they will make from the successes of their new enterprise. They do not consider the downside or risk, particularly their personal exposure, should things go wrong. The cold hard reality is company directors face many and varied potential risks.

From our experience, it seems the main reason asset protection advice is generally not acted on comes down to cost. The simple fact is asset protection advice, and its implementation, comes at a cost. The question for your clients is, which is the potentially greater cost – the cost of putting asset protection structures into place, or doing nothing and losing it all if a business fails?

To give some educated, experienced, and qualified guidance on some of the risks directors face and the effects of insolvency, the more common issues that expose directors to personal liability are discussed in our ebook: Keep your hands off my assets! Reference tool for Advisors: Risks to Directors.

The ebook also includes a reference to Worrells Asset Risk Exposure Checklist that assists you to identify potential risks your clients may face, and provides some useful tips to assist your clients to protect their hard-earned wealth.