To assist advisors with insolvency procedures and best practices, we have created the following checklists.

The onerous task of collating Books & Records can be daunting—this simple checklist will ensure you have supplied everything that is required, while removing any unnecessary guesswork. Click the ‘Checklist’ button to view the latest Books & Records Checklist PDF.

Our Asset Risk Exposure Checklist is a great tool for advisors, to identify potential risks their clients may face, and gives useful tips to assist clients in protecting their hard-earned wealth. Click the ‘Checklist’ button to view the latest Asset Risk Exposure Checklist PDF.

Our Moving from a Sole Trader to Company Checklist assists advisors to help clients considering setting up a new entity to ensure the process is undertaken correctly. Seeking appropriate and qualified advice is vital as the consequences of failing to set it up correctly can be costly.

Our Checklist for the Proactive Advisor assists advisors to help business clients focus on the key areas as we enter a new economic period of recovery following COVID-19. Advisors may need to consider how best to assist, supervise, and support clients to achieve business restructure, innovation and growth.

Our Solvency Self-Assessment Checklist assists advisors to form an opinion on their clients’ company solvency status. Section 347A of the Corporations Act requires that each year directors must resolve that their company is solvent.